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2023 Summit on Childhood Deafness in Review


Would you like to present at our 2023 FEDHH conference?

Please fill out the form below with your presentation proposals. 

Who were your keynote speakers?


Kinya Embry, MS, CCC-SLP

Language Over Speech: How to Ensure Deaf Kids Acquire Language

This presentation will make a case for a clear dissociation between speech, language, and hearing. It will explain how confusing access to sound with access to language can lead to language deprivation. The presenter will provide examples of common misconceptions, cognitive biases, and assumptions that impact our decision-making with Deaf children and may perpetuate language deprivation. Recommendations for professional practice as well as considerations for practitioners will be provided to help ensure that Deaf children acquire at least one complete first language from birth.


Elizabeth Rosenzweig PhD CCC-SLP LSLS Cert. AVT

Complex and Challenging Cases: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!

Demographic trends indicate that children who are deaf or hard of hearing are increasingly multilingual and/or have multiple disabilities.  While the age of identification has decreased, too many children still fall through the cracks and receive access to technology and intervention past the optimal age for language development.  It takes a team of parents, caregivers, and professionals working together to help children with complex challenges reach their goals.  This presentation will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to help these children succeed!


Stacy Swatzlander!!

The Brian Newton Award for Excellence in Education, previously FEDHH's Teacher of the Year, is an award given to educators within the field of Deaf Education who excel well beyond the expectations. It is based upon nominations and voted annually by active members of the FEDHH organization. Only current members of the FEDHH organization can be awarded.

Our 2022 Summit on Childhood Deafness held in Orlando, Florida was a success! Thank you to our wonderful Keynote Speakers for taking the time to share your expertise on students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We share our gratitude to all of the breakout presenters that shared during the summit. One last BIG thank you to RMTC-DHH for the continued support and partnership you show towards our organization! ​

We already can't wait for FEDHH 2023!

Upon completion of this conference, participants should be better able to:

Apply language development and educational best practices to their school or home environment for DHH students


​Collaborate with educational stakeholders to increase academic and whole-child outcomes for DHH students

Questions? Please Contact Nicole Walsh FEDHH President
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