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Do you have innovative ideas for your students? At the end of the calendar year, the FEDHH Board provides $500 to teachers who are making a difference in our field and for our students!

To be selected:

- Must fill out and send in the Mini Grant Application

-Must be a FEDHH member

-Must be an innovative idea or project that is shows progression in the field of Deaf Education

-Must be willing to share how and what the grant was used for at the FEDHH annual conference.

*Applications are open until January 31st


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Brian Newton

The Brian Newton Award for Excellence in Education, previously FEDHH's Teacher of the Year, is an award given to educators within the field of Deaf Education who excel well beyond the expectations. It is based upon nominations and voted annually by active members of the FEDHH organization. Only current members of the FEDHH organization can be awarded. If you know an outstanding educator, please fill out the form below!

*Nominations are currently CLOSED*

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Have you been affected by a hurricane? 

FEDHH is able to raise money for a natural disaster relief fund at our 2023 Summit on Childhood Deafness. If you or a fellow Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing was impacted, please fill out this form.

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